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22.11.2019- 02.12.2019. MASS MoCA (Museum of Contemporary Art of Massachusetts). AV Installation w/Michael Tan. Hexadome Exhibition. Massachusetts, U.S.A

13.08.2019 – 02.09.2019. MUTEK Montreal at MAC (Musée d’art Contemporain de Montréal).  AV Installation w/Michael Tan. Canadian premier of "The Burial Theme: Trans-Matter Port & Objects [Performance /Installation] Montreal, Canada.

07.2019. Grey Area Festival. AV Installation w/Michael Tan. US premier of "The Burial Theme: Trans-Matter Port & Objects [Performance /Installation] San Francisco, US.

​02.02.19. Profound Sound Festival. Folkestone Fringe. Folkestone, UK. [Live set]


01.12.18. Fiber Festival. AV Live set w/ Michael Tan

04.09.18. Dekmantel Festival. [DJ set]

20.04.18. ISM Hexadome. CAO & Michael Tan / Berlin Premier of "The Burial Theme: Trans-Matter Port & Objects [Performance /Installation] Martin Groupius-Bau Museum, Berlin.
17.03.18. Sonar Reykjavik.  Iceland [Live Set] 

17.02.18. Obieg Magazine Issue 6 Launch/ Warsaw [DJ Set]


01.12.17. Dekmantel Radio / Red Light Radio . Amsterdam [Live Set]
21.11.17. CAO w/ Know V.A / Red Light Radio. Amsterdam [DJ Set]
09.06.17. Berghain. Berlin. [Live Set] 

10.04.17. Red Light Radio. Amsterdam. [DJ set]

01.04.17. Rewire Festival. Den Haag / Netherlands. [Live Set]

24.02.17. Uniqlo Tate Lates. NTS. Tate Modern. As subterranean Odyssey. London. [DJ Set]



11.11.16. Festival Integraciones. Lima, Peru [Live set]

24.10.16. Red Bull Music Academy. Dans Les Cieux. As Cao.  Montreal, Canada [Live set]

28.07.17. Evo Festival.  Salerno, Italy [Live set]

27.07.16. Helicotrema Festival. Sonic Exhibition. Listening session. Italy [Listening session]

12.02.16. Chronic Illness of Mysterious Origin III at the Dungeons of Polymorphous Pan. London [Live set]


12.12.15. Chronic Illness of Mysterious Origin at The Dungeons of Polymorphous Pan. London [Live set]

16.10.15. Carolyn of Brunswick, Cao Live with Kuroneko and Stray transmission. Brighton. [Live set]

15.10.15. Music composition for Le Cirque de Charles La Tannes, Moscow based theatre company. The Palace of Youth, London.

10.10.15. Chronic Illness of Mysterious Origin at the Dungeons of Polymorphous Pan. Cao and Neofung presenting: "Intralluric Transplant". London [Live set/performance]

27.09.15. Moon Rose Collective Improvisation in honour of the sacred feminine. Shoreditch Church, London [Collective improvisation]

15.08.15. TransTrance Vol I" Performance by Cao and Neofung at Brick Lane communal gardens. London. [Live set/performance]

10.06.15. SONICA FM Three Day Sound Art Festival at Salon des Refuses 2015.  SPACE Gallery.  London. [DJ Set]

19,06.15. Jealousy Party and other artists,  MKII Studios. London. [Live set]

12.06.15. Invisible Museum Vol III, The Pumphouse Educational Centre.  London [live set]

29.05.15. Invisible Museum Vol II, The Pumphouse Educational Centre. CAO in Collaboration with Neofung. London [Live set/performance]

16.05.15. Musica Dispersa Experimental Event 04, Anatum’s Abode. CAO in collaboration with Neofung. London [Live set/ performance]

23.04.15. Sonica Fm End of Residency Party. Machines Room Space, CAO in collaboration with Neofung. London [Live set/performance]

18.04.15. SONICA, DIG Space. CAO in collaboration with Piotr Bockowski, Anastasia Freygang and Paul Jones. London. [Live set/performance]

16,04.15. eXperimental Electronics.  London [Live set]

05.04.15. Splitting the Atom XXV. Brighton. [Live set]

04.04.15. Musica Dispersa Experimental Event 03 At the George Tavern, London. [Live set]

21.03.15. MOON RA- Collective Improvisation. Bristol. [Collective improvisation]

 16.02.15. SONICA FM Opening of Residency Party, Hundred Years Gallery. London.[Live set]



21.11.14. Happenstance Radio Show. London [Mix and Interview] 

04.10.14. Musica Dispersa Experimental Music Event 01. London. [Live set]

21.10.14. Leyden Gallery Anniversary Celebration. London. [Live set]

08,14. Hackney Wicked Arts Festival. “Root/Uproot” Performance at the Lab Film Festival (As Constanza Nunez-Melgar)












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